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How NCD Countdown 2030 functions

NCD Countdown 2030 is an independent collaboration to inform policies that aim to reduce the worldwide burden of NCDs, and to ensure accountability towards this aim. NCD Countdown 2030 is a collaboration between WHO, The Lancet, NCD Alliance, the WHO Collaborating Centre on NCD Surveillance and Epidemiology at Imperial College London, and researchers and practitioners from all regions.

A key output of NCD Countdown 2030 will be regular reporting of progress towards SDG target 3.4 on NCD mortality as well as on a more comprehensive indicator that includes outcomes and age groups that go beyond SDG target 3.4, in the spirit of leaving no one behind. NCD Countdown 2030 will also analyse and report on important NCD risk factors, relevant health system interventions and multi-sectoral policies, and financial commitments by governments and donors. NCD Countdown 2030 will be essential for evidence-based policies and programmes for reducing the health burden of NCDs and its global and national inequalities, and for raising public awareness about NCDs.